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Department Of International Business



1. The Department of International Trade was first established the day 4-year technical division in August, 1996. In 2000, We have the evening 4-year technical division and industry training program. After graduation, students can take senior, junior or elementary examinations for civil service personnel or seek employment in private enterprises, such as trading companies, air transportation, shipping companies or insurance companies. There are many who continue their further studies.
2. The International Business Department endeavors to produce modern management and international business professionals who will engage in international business administration equipped with executive quality abilities. These professionals will be trained to cope with the challenges of enterprise and market globalization, to respond to the immanent needs of society, and to meet the trend towards internationalization in Taiwan economic development.
3. The Department particularly emphasizes teaching and research in the theory and practice of international business administration. Besides professional management courses, the Department also provides macroscopic training in international politics, economics, sociology, culture, history, and others, creating an international business administration graduate with an open mind and a broad vision.
4. The Department includes international business management, international banking and financial management, and international marketing management as its core of teaching and research, and actively reinforces its exchange and cooperation with related domestic and foreign academic, business and governmental organizations. The Department is scheduled to retain experts in international business administration practice as department advisors, who can also provide help in strengthening the Department's practice curriculum.