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Department Of International Business


Academic Features

1. Based on the principle of “quality over quantity” at the outset of its establishment, the Department will carefully construe, maintain and increase its teaching quality. It pays particular attention to foreign language ability, commercial and trade application skills, as well as the internet skills of students, and it has been striving to develop exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign business, as well as academic and governmental organizations, with the aim that students will learn modernized professional trade-operating skills, of use in high-level international economic and trade professions.
2. The Department will design its curriculum pursuant to the principles of foresight and entrepreneur spirit, including in its curriculum newer management courses like entrepreneurship, innovation management, technology management, service industry management, and leadership, in order to foster 21st-century leaders that possess cutting-edge knowledge in their time and a modern global vision.
3. Given that a successful business must count on leaders that pay attention to human values and work efficiency, the Department will aim to foster a graduate with a humanitarian disposition, personal educational ethic, and leadership skills, as opposed to a narrow focus on professional management knowledge alone; the Department will also proactively train entry-level managers to instill passion, vision, a sense of responsibility, a willingness to take responsibility, and an inclination towards innovation. Furthermore, we hope to build the student's character by developing an ethos of courage under pressure, expertise in communication, attention to justice and principle, team spirit, executive ability and endurance, in order to meet the needs of modern enterprises and society in general.
4. The curriculum design of the Department aims to foster professional international business skills. It adopts a program design, where in addition to basic curriculum, general curriculum, college core curriculum and department-required curriculum, students may choose any single program--from the international marketing program and the international financial management program--as a major for specialty study, and may take advantage of open elective credits to take courses of their personal choice in other departments or colleges.
5. The Department is equipped with a professional international business classroom, and the University also offers sufficient computer classrooms, foreign language classrooms and a cross-cultural management classroom for the use of students of the Department; a plan to add an internet classroom for transnational management is on the way.
6. Setting up the campus Gigabit and installing the wireless network on a full scale, to offer a wireless network access environment. Setting up optical fiber transmission media, to increase the bandwidth for internet connection. Developing the distance learning system and establishing related equipment, to offer a delicate and diversified teaching environment. Purchasing high-performance computers, and providing experience in the application of professional software.
7. The University's Department of Marketing Management provides a “Marketing Practice Study Room” and an “Internet Marketing Club” for the common use of the Department.
8. To formulate its main features, recently the University's College of Management received a subsidy fund of NT$10.4 million from the Ministry of Education, so that the College procured various computer and instructional equipment, and purchased approximately 4,500 volumes of Chinese and English books in management, including the purchase from the U.S. of more than 1,600 volumes of English publications in international business, marketing, finance, leadership, international trade, entrepreneurial spirit and global management strategy, which have become a precious Departmental resource.
9. The Department may borrow or share the existing facilities and book collections of the University's Computer Center , Department of Management Information Systems, Department of Marketing Management and Department of Applied Foreign Languages.
10. The University provides support to newly established departments and graduate schools under the existing rules by special funding and budget in the first two to three years after the establishment of the Department, which can then purchase basic equipment, books, and periodicals, and set up various professional classrooms. In the future, the Department will open up all of its teaching equipment and faculty resources for the use of other University departments.