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Department Of International Business



1. In light of the increasing importance of internationalization and globalization trend, the International Business Department has been putting more effort into promoting international exchanges, in terms of student exchange:International student exchange (The department has sent several students to the universities in the U.S.A., Japan or others countries for exchange program including dual program, one semester, and one academic year. The past students in the exchange program reported that they were excited to travel overseas, experience different education environments and cultures, open eyes for the world economy in business, cultural, and political tracks. They found such experiences quite useful in career planning, particularly for working overseas in the near future), overseas internship (students are given adequate opportunities to study abroad on a short-time basis. We believe that activities such as attending some international exhibition or paying a visit to some companies in some other countries, shall broaden the vision and help students learn about the globalization), oversea visiting(The visits provide chances for students to observe the practical operations in different industries and compare the different operations created by the different nationality and managerial concepts), and so on, who can choose among them and set up their timetables accordingly.
2. The department aims to cultivate competent professionals in the field of international commerce and trading enterprises with knowledge and skills for international business operation and management, and abilities for international market survey and development, sales and marketing and practical analysis. Our goal is to enable our students to get hold of latest information and the new trend in the international business practice. We stress the importance of responsibility and professionalism as well as ethical awareness.