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Department Of International Business


Career Placement

1. Besides general management knowledge and ability, students trained by the Department gain knowledge in the areas of international business administration, international trade practice, international marketing, international banking, international financial management, etc. Therefore, upon graduation, they may enter various professions and vocations to assist businesses in developing toward internationalization.
2. Students of the Department may work in the banking department or administrative department of public or private organizations after graduation, or may begin to work in international businesses, such as domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, securities investment firms, trading companies, and others.
3. Graduates of the Department may work in local or international departments of governmental organizations on managerial positions in the fields of investment, planning, marketing, finance, accounting, and personnel.
4. Graduates of the Department may also sit for Senior and Junior Civil Service Exams held annually, in order to be qualified as civil servants and assigned to financial institutions or other relevant organizations.